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Вчера ракетная атака на юге. Сегодня перестрелка на севере. Похоже, Ахмадинеджада крупно достали.


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It may not be Ahmadinejad; lots of Arabs are unhappy about US pressure to start direct talks between Israel and Palestinians

Too synchronous. Not in Arab manner, because they are absolutely spontaneous.

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From today's 'Jerusalem Post':


Hizbullah today, with all of its tens of thousands of rockets, is too important to the Iranians to be wasted on a new war with Israel that has no real purpose. It is needed to serve as an Iranian threat for what Israel will face if it decides to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities.

It it quite true for the previous Lebanese war as well. Hizbulla didn't want to launch a real war, they were shocked when Israel reacted so dramatically. Nevertheless, it does not rule out the possibility of dosed (but really bloody) provocations here and there.
Shit happens, you know...

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Looks like the international fall-out from the 2006 Lebanon war and the latest Gaza invasion made Israel change its tactics. In an interview with Benny Morris Shimon Peres said that it had been a mistake for Israel not to respond to missiles for eight years and then launch a full-scale invasion of Gaza, rather than hit back accordingly after each provocation.


The recent border clash fits in with the new philosophy. The problem is that it sucks Israel back into a war of attrition which it can't win; Hezbollah is happy to lose three soldiers for every Israeli officer killed.

Could not put it better :(

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